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Precision Manuals Development Group maintains a rigid policy that no money or traded benefit may be received from the sale, trade or sharing of customer information collected during purchase. PMDG will not sell nor offer for sale any information related to customers, customer demographics or customer purchasing behavior in any form to any organization outside of PMDG. Information collected from customers is maintained only for the purpose of purchase transaction and order fulfillment and will not be collected, massed or otherwise manipulated for any purpose other than the purpose for which it is collected. The only exception to this policy is that PMDG customer information may be used to contact customers on occasion with critical information related to their purchased PMDG software.

PMDG restricts customer information to only need-to-know members within PMDG and no private customer information will be published or otherwise made available.

PMDG will, for the purpose of assisting law enforcement agencies in the investigation of a crime, make specific information available regarding customer behavior and customer purchases only at the request of a bona-fide law enforcement agency. PMDG will also authorize the use of customer information while in the pursuit of Intellectual Property Rights violations of US, Virginia and International law.

For further information related to PMDG's Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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