PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook

The PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbookpacked with procedures, checklists and step-by-step guides to help you trouble-shoot any situation you might experience while flying the PMDG 777-200/300.

Do you know what caused that BLEED TRIP light to illuminate? Do you know what consequences might exist to resetting the switch? Are you prepared to make that decision without knowing what other factors you should consider in that decision?
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PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook
PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook
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The flight deck of a modern airliner is a state-of-the art work environment where critical decisions must be made quickly and effectively. When a Master Warning or Caution light illuminates on the flight deck, the pilots don't spring into memorized action: They calmly reach for the Quick Reference Handbook.

The PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook, or "QRH" as it is know to flight crews, is the one-stop guide to trouble shooting, resolving and making decisions to ensure the safety of flight when things go wrong. In emergencies, or when confronted with the failure of critical systems, the QRH guides the crew with detailed procedures for safely operating the airplane through the duration of the flight.

Now, PMDG offers you the same handy reference!

PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook has the same look and feel of the QRH carried on the flight deck of 737s around the world, and will provide you with detailed, step by step guides for handling any simulated emergency in your PMDG 777-200/300. Beyond just being a detailed checklist, the PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook will give you extraordinary insight into the decision making processes that guide modern airline crews to a safe landing on every flight.

Kept nearby as a reference, the QRH can be used to handle all of the hundreds of simulated Emergency, Abnormal and non-standard conditions that might be encountered during the course of a PMDG 777-200/300 flight.

The QRH contains trouble shooting diagrams, checklists and reference material that will help you manage any situation while flying the PMDG 777-200/300 simulation!

The PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook is bound and prepared exactly like the QRH carried aboard every 777 currently flying.

Weighing in at 452 pages, the
PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook provides more than 160 different procedure guidelines to help you manage anything that might happen during your next PMDG 777-200/300 flight.

The PMDG 777-200/300 Quick Reference Handbook is printed on high quality 8.5" x 5.5" stock, rotary-rib-spine bound with colored category tabs and is fully indexed

*Note: Simmers who intend to purchase the entire set of PMDG 777-200/300 flight manuals can receive a discount, free laminated checklist and other valuable upgrades by purchasing the manuals as a set. For more information, please see:

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