Product Description

As a new stand-alone product, the PMDG Express Beechcraft 1900C represents PMDG's continued commitment to bringing visually complex and enjoyable-to-fly aircraft simulations to the community. All of this is provided at a low entry price with many different options and stunning detail!

With its second product, PMDG Express is going one step further to introduce custom designed avionics, several model variations and new virtual cockpit features. Designed for the short-haul pilot, this package brings three new short-haul variants to the virtual hangar. Based around the popular Beech 1900C airframe, the passenger, cargo and freight versions of this airplane are represented; each with its own unique characteristics and flight model

Minimum - 1.0GHz, 128MB RAM, 32MB Graphics Card

Best Performance - PIV 1.8GHz, 256MB RAM
  • Three airframe variants include B1900C Passenger, Cargo, and the B1900C Freighter (with auxiliary cargo hold). Each model is highly detailed, with dozens of animated parts. Watch the passenger door open and close, with its flexible lanyard railing. Opening cargo doors reveal unique payloads in each model. Ice inspection lights illuminate the wings, and fully operable logo lights light up the tail. Photographic textures bring each aircraft to life!
  • Photographic 2D panels and views with 8 panel combinations, including a zoom panel for users with smaller monitors. Fuel panel, Radio panel, Throttle Pedestal and more!
  • Custom primary instrumentation, including: Collins ADI84 Attitude Direction Indicator; Collins APS65 Auto Pilot; Collins HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator; Airspeed, Vertical Speed, Altimeter, Audio Panel, Engine Gauges, Fuel, Outside Air Temperature and more!
  • Hightly detailed virtual cockpit. Dozens of clickable switches, levers and knobs allow you to fully operate the aircraft from startup to shutdown. Window reflections, rain effects and an incredible level of detail will immerse you in the flying experience.
  • Smooth Virtual Cockpit Gauges: New design techniques bring to you a virtual cockpit with a gauge refresh rate that is smooth as glass. Smoothly performing VC gauges without stutters means that you can shoot an approach without guessing what 's coming next.
  • Virtual Cabin: Take a back seat, and fly as a passenger in any one of the 19 numbered seats. Clickable cockpit doors will open to allow owners of Active Camera free reign of the entire cabin. Enjoy the fully animated wing views, complete with rain effects on the cabin windows! Open the aircraft's door from inside the airplane.
  • Customized B1900C Engine sound set (interior and exterior) recorded from real B1900C Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65B Turbine engines.
  • Three unique and distinctive B1900C Flight Models for each of the three included airplane variants with the high fidelity and realism you've come to expect from PMDG products.
  • Add-on Liveries and paintkit are available from the PMDG download library. All liveries are installed with a simple click of your mouse and available for free from our file library.